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Multiple content types, camera angles, and live events.
In any combination.
On any screen.

For Developers

Simple API & SDK

JadeStream is committed to providing powerful and easy-to-use tools for developers. Easily build new modes of customer interaction into your web and mobile apps with the JadeStream API and SDK. At its core, the API is designed to be simple, flexible, well documented, and reliable. A couple of lines of code can transform the video consumption experience for your users. To request access to our API and SDK, send us a note at:


AdSure leverages all of JadeStream's core technologies to provide seamless server-side ad insertion as part of the JadeStream Platform. This allows content distributors to more effectively monetize content by avoiding problems with traditional client-side technology, such as ad blockers, and by providing true broadcast-class ad avails for live and linear content.

JS Insights

JS Insights is our analytics platform. A highly customizable and easily configurable dashboard, it provides our customers with a deeper understanding of their users' video consumption experiences. Leveraging the knowledge that the JadeStream Platform gathers on both the server and client sides, JS Insights provides a wide array of information from aggregate user statistics, to device characteristics including geo location, browsing behavior, network conditions, quality of user experience, metadata, and much more.

The Platform

Live & VOD

We provide simple, easy to use tools for digital content owners and distributors to adapt to the future of video consumption.


The patent pending MultiView™ technology delivers customized streaming created from a palette of live or on-demand programming for each user on any screen, anywhere. Users select content position and viewing angles.


FastChannel™ change is a patent pending technology that facilitates the instant switching among streams, and the instant selection of new streams. Users determine, in real-time, their programming preferences, simply by dragging and dropping a video from the secondary viewing area into the primary viewing area on the screen.


The StreamPlex™ patent pending technology delivers multiple video programs to the user's device in an uninterrupted multiplex, even as the user is switching between secondary and primary viewing positions. The JadeStream Client module integrates with native device video players, maximizing application performance.


Our SureStream™ patent pending technology leverages a client-server bandwidth management algorithm to deliver image optimization and the highest quality viewing experience, regardless of the user's network conditions or screen.

Looks Great On Any Screen

JadeStream's patented rich media experience works seamlessly and is customizable to any screen. Whether it be your phone, tablet, television, game console, or computer, JadeStream ensures that you can enjoy multiple video streams, anywhere you are.

Multi-DRM Compatible


For use of the JadeStream Platform, there is a flat monthly license fee per server. The total number of servers required for your app depends upon your app's specific video streaming needs and the number of concurrent users to which you need to stream the video content. To learn more about pricing for your app's specific needs, please send us a note at: describing what you're trying to do and how we can help.

Check It Out

Email for access to our demo apps.

About JadeStream

We’re a group of energetic, video-obsessed geeks who enjoy pushing the limits of all devices and the way they stream content. Whether that content is live or premium VOD shouldn't matter. Users deserve a better streaming experience, wherever they consume content, and we’re honored to provide that. Our team is comprised of folks from Motorola Advanced Technology & Projects Group (ATAP), Apple, Samsung, Pixelworks, Oracle, Cisco, Akamai, Packeteer, Airespace, Marvell, Ixia, Cambium, and a host of venture backed startups. Join us…


JadeStream is always looking for bright, creative, and motivated people who are up for a challenge. If you have interest in Mobile Apps, Media Streaming, System Development, Networking, and Big Data/Cloud, please checkout our career listings at

We're based in Sunnyvale, CA and are comprised of a team of some of the brightest engineers from the top companies around Silicon Valley. The team brings years of experience and expertise to the design, development, and optimization of this unprecedented solution.
If you'd like to explore further, please send your resume to:

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